Trainers Appraisal

The appraisal of the professional development of trainers takes new steps in Europe. We seek for new ways to assess our professional competencies and support the development of practices to achieve better recognition of people working in the training field, and to contribute to the overall quality and impact in youth work training.

Last year, the International Youth Work Trainers Guild (further in the text – Trainers Guild) successfully piloted the prototype of a 360° review system to support the (self-)assessment of trainer competences and performance. The system was built around the European Training Strategy (ETS) competence model for trainers and offered an online solution to collect the feedback from training participants, colleagues and training service contractors.

Based on a europewide survey and analysis of trainer needs and best practices of performing professional appraisal, Associazione Interculturale NUR joined the Trainers Guild and 4 other partners in designing a project proposal and successfully secured co-funding from the Erasmus+ programme for the KA2 strategic partnership project “AppRaiser”.




Main features of the appraisal service

 The professional development appraisal service will offer trainers a virtual environment to access and use web tools to self-assess their competencies, collect feedback from other people, as well as plan and monitor their own professional growth.

AppRaiser project partners and funding

The AppRaiser service will be developed bu NUR in partnership with:


This project is co-funded through the European Union’s programme “Erasmus+“.



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