WAVE (Womens' Assistance through Volunteering in Egypt) with Erasmus+

[ATTENZIONE: se siete interessate al progetto contattateci immediatamente alla nostra mail: assonur@gmail.com]

Our latest Erasmus+ EVS project, WAVE (Womens' Assistance through Volunteering in Egypt), has been approved! Soon we will start with selection of volunteers. Follow on facebook!

Building on a cooperation directly issued from the Partnership Building Activity seminar held in Istanbul in october 2015 and organized by SALTO Youth EuroMed and the Turkish National Agency, Associazione Interculturale NUR, as sending organization and project applicant, together with Sting for Consultancy and Design, hosting organization, will host 2 volunteers (one at a time) in Cairo city.
Volunteers will be selected according to their motivation and direct interest in the specific project. The generic aspiration to an EVS experience, whatsoever, will NOT be a good enough reason to be selected. Preference will be given to female candidates in the age range 20-25 although the call for candidates will be open to all as long as they will match the condition of participants with Fewer Opportunities (with economic, social and geographic obstacles). The hosting phases will follow a first Advance Planning Visit to define the final details and then the volunteers will be hosted for 9 months one after the other (from July 2016 to March 2018) to be included in the activities carried out by Sting with local and refugee women.
Activities will include a long list of possibilities in order to give volunteers the chance to give their best to the project by choosing the ones that better suit their aims, interests and skills:

Assisting in the design and planning of the project's sessions and activities.
Implementing phase of the local projects:
Assisting and participating in the intercultural evenings, “Art for Ppeace” and other cultural activities.
Co-facilitating together with the Sting team in the national-international relations sessions and the global- local issues sessions.
Assisting in documenting projects through film making, photographing and social media updating.
Info-graphic drawing.
Assisting in the evaluation of the projects and report writing.
Assisting in the following up of the youth initiatives.
Marketing support
Market research
Website development

Volunteers may also propose other activities and workshops to be carried out on their own initiative as long as compatible with the overall goals and possibilities of the project. Volunteers will be involved in their project during weekdays with free weekends, unless previously agreed exceptions to be compensated in the following days.
The volunteers will be accommodated in independent single rooms in a rented apartment in the same neighborhood where Sting’s office is. The meals will be organized by the volunteers using a specific extra budget provided by the project.
The chosen working methods will build on an non formal approach to learning through the direct involvement of volunteers in concrete activities that stimulates the sense of responsibility and, at the same time, creativity and ability to propose and design further activities. Due attention will be given to building a relationship between the various partners (including volunteers) based on trust, mutual flexibility, shared objectives and shared scheduling of the activities in the frame of the general lines of the project.
The project will allow volunteers to strengthen their key competencies, and in particular: # interpersonal, intercultural, social and civic ones by working closely with the target group of Sting’s activities (mostly local women or refugee ones); # entrepreneurship and cultural expression thanks to the chance to propose and implement activities besides the ones proposed by the local staff; # communication in foreign languages by learning basic Arab and English in everyday work and activities; # learning to learn through the managing of their own learning path through EVS.
The facilitation of the process of socio-cultural inclusion will be based on meetings scheduled with a mutual agreement with local mentors and will build on a pre-departure training focused on Intercultural Learning.

Through EVS we'll realize an exchange between cultures where the main actors will be young Sardinian volunteers, local beneficiaries and local mentors involved by the activities that, in addition to bringing benefits and added value to the services offered to Egyptian and refugee women, will make the international mobility of young people as accessible as possible to other young Sardinian, through the positive example and direct involvement of their European peers. The comparison with the different culture and background of the volunteers will be critical to innovate, improve and stimulate the provision of the services involving the women of the target group.

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