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Progetto in Romania 
Meetings with Languages

16 EVS volunteers will organize during 5 months language courses with elements on non-formal education at the end to become non-formal teacher of languages.

Action: KA1

Project type: Mobility Project for Young People and Youth Workers

Coordinationg and Receiving Organization: MILLENIUM CENTER ASSOCIATION - Arad, Romania

Stage A: 4 volunteers from 01-11-2015 to 31-03-2016 from the following countries and partners as sending organizations:

Germany - VIA e.V. - Verein für internationalen und interkulturellen Austausch

Spain - Fundació Catalunya Voluntària

Italy - Associazione Interculturale NUR


Title: “Meetings with Languages”.

The idea: The complex project has in aim to fight youth unemployment by developing necessary competences during EVS stage for the volunteers to become competitive at job market.

Methods: non formal way of education (learning by doing) and e-learning (working in virtual space) with elements of hand craft

Tasks and objectives:…/1otMo-LvKeOvtKUe8vbP4aaCrYxB…/edit

EVS volunteers to organize on weekly basis language courses with elements on non-formal education for 3 different target groups.

To gather at least 5 people from each target group to participate in at least 3 consecutive language workshops

Promotion of Erasmus plus and non-formal education

Integration to local neighbourhood

Gaining skills to be independent unit at job market

Outcomes: Future EVS volunteers will learn how to become non-formal teacher of languages.

Target groups and beneficiaries: EVS volunteers will have a task to approach 3 different target groups:

a) Kids from (0-18) – teaching languages by usage of hand craft

b) Youth and adults (18 -50) – teaching languages using non formal methods of education

c) Elderly (50+) – teaching languages by using e-learning methods


Documenti per la selezione da mandare SUBITO via mail a NUR

- CV in EUROPASS format - in English language
- Creative motivation in which You specify:
a). the way of engagement in activities
b). what you want to take from the project and what you want to learn, how you will use home the competencies achieved during the stage
c). how you see your activity, how you can describe aweek

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