EU cuts the budget!

We receive from AFSAI and, fully sharing their view, pubblish the following press release:

«The agreement reached between EU Heads of State and Government on the financial perspectives 2007-2013 will lead to a massive reduction in the funding foreseen for the future "Youth in Action" programme.

First calculations have shown that this reduction will most likely be situated somewhere between 12% and 34% compared to the initial Commission proposal of July 2004 (915 million Euro). Such a dramatic cut would make it difficult to maintain even the status quo of activities like youth exchanges, European Voluntary Service, the International co-operation strand of the programme etc. The risk that the new and innovative elements of the proposed programme will not be realised is high.

The next weeks will show if the European Parliament, in its ongoing negotiations with the Council of Ministers on the financial perspectives, will be in a position to correct this situation and underline the importance of the "Youth in Action" programme.

We strongly believe that the "Youth in Action" is vital in order to bring Europe
close to citizens, strengthen civil society in Europe and beyond and promote active European citizenship, solidarity and mutual understanding.

We invite all of you to further spread this information and support the strategic
importance for Europe of this programme.



Doc. Ref.

Financial Perspective 2007-2013, Brussels, 19 December 2005

15915/05 - CADREFIN 268


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