Our association

Associazione Interculturale NUR, is a Sardinian regional sending and hosting organization for the Youth Program of the European Commission. It’s a no profit organization active in the fields of non formal education and interculturality and promotes cultural events, learning experiences and the diffusion of information for the Sardinian youth.
It was founded by some volunteers of the association FILEF, active in the assistance to Sardinian emigrants and member of the "Consulta Regionale dell’Emigrazione della Sardegna". We are a group of people motivated by a strong interest in knowing other cultures, people that has lived intercultural experiences and who wants to offer the same chances to others. Knowing how tolerance and respect for the differences, interculturality and the knowledge of your owns roots are key factors for a multiethnic society, our goal is to foster the highest diffusion among young people of these very same values against diffidence, xenophobia, racism and nationalism, and also against the wrong idea that paints the globalization as the synonym of equality while it is  more like a tool for flattening the cultural differences to the same model of the rich fisrt world's culture. Our main fields of interest  are the promotion of the exchanges between cultures; the fight against all forms of racism and xenophobia; the diffusion of new medias (CD Rom, Internet, distance learning…) as intercultural tools; youth international mobility and the recognition of the competencies built through experiences of non formal education. Recently we have also started to work at language training projects for immigrants using skills built in 9 years of EVS hosting.

Assonur funziona anche grazie a:

Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Ass.to della Pubblica Istruzione